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Welcome to Anime Critters! This is the LJ community where you can adopt ANY creature/critter/animal/mascot/etc, from any anime or game you want! First read the rules though so we can all get along!


1- Only 4 claims per person, please! (Unless you do something cool for the community like make icons or banners for people who claim a critter. Limit 10 claims) Moderators get unlimited claims!

2- You CAN adopt Pokemon, Digimon, Duel Monsters, and anything else that has the name "monster" attached to it. (Even if they look like people.)

3- You CANNOT adopt people unless they have an animal form, but you can only adopt that person's animal form. (a.k.a Shampoo from Ranma, Helios (it'd have to be Pegasus for him, though) from Sailor Moon)

4- You CAN adopt critters that talk, such as the cats on Sailor Moon, and moogles from Final Fantasy games.

5- You CAN adopt anime mascots or plushies, such as Gema from Di Gi Charat or Haro from Mobile Suit Gundam

6- If you want to claim a moogle or choccobo, unless that moogle or choccobo has a specific name (such as the moogles in FFIX), I will put you as claiming all random moogles and chocobos in all FF games. (This goes for any other random monsters in FF games or any other games such as the things you have to kill..and stuff..^_^;;)

7- Only claim creatures from anime or video games please! J-rocker pets are acceptable too! ^_^

8- When you claim a pet, please state what it's name is and what anime it's from!

9- You can change your mind, too, as long as the other pet isn't claimed..^_^;; Just let me or the clerk know what animal you had before so it will be easier for us!

10-NO CATGIRLS, PLEASE! (a.k.a Merl from Escaflowne, or any other similar catgirl...in other words, if it talks AND walks, wears clothes (or doesn't, considering most catgirls are almost completely naked anyway..>_____>;;) and closely resembles a human with cat ears and a tail...it's a catgirl...^_^;;)

11- You CAN claim fairies, summons, or any other mystical creatures like that from video games.

12- This rule regards certain other characters, particularly the demons in Inuyasha. Ok the demons aren't really critters, so the only way you can adopt Inuyasha demons is if they have a demon form (such as Sesshomaru's giant dog form). SHIPPO IS NOT A CRITTER!! That's all!

13- Net Navis from Megaman NT Warrior are eligible for claim because they're basically the same thing as nano pets, and they're creatures too. So yeah..^_^;;

14- Please make a claim by posting in the journal itself and NOT by making comments in another post. ^_^;; Thank you.

15- YOU MUST BE A MEMBER OF THIS COMMUNITY TO MAKE A CLAIM!! To join, click at the top of the User Info page where it says "Join Community". Then make a post stating your claims.

16- A CRITTER IS ANY CREATURE YOU COULD OWN IN REAL LIFE IF IT WERE REAL AND DOES NOT RESEMBLE A HUMAN IN ANY WAY AS FAR AS PHYSICAL FEATURES. (Digimon, Duel Monsters, and Net Navis are exempt from this rule because I know some of them look like people but you can still OWN them) Please adopt animals or other creatures ONLY. Do not ask for people or mobile suits. If you're unsure whether or not it's a critter, then please ask in your post if it's acceptable or not and I'll let you know.

Ok those are all the rules! So start claiming away and make sure you treat your new critter with the love and respect all pets deserve! ^_^

And be nice people...don't yell at others if they took a creature you wanted...

Pet Shop Owner/Manager= wesangel
Pet Shop Animal Caretaker = blue_eyesamurai
Pet Shop Assistant/Clerk = virgin_raye

Affiliate Community = whatever_claims