I love cute critters from anime, so I just had to join this community! Would it be okay if I could please claim Wiz from the anime and manga D.N Angel?


Thanks in Advance ~
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[Legend of  Zelda] Camouflage

It's fun claiming things.

Wow, a lot of the good ones were already taken.. o_o;;

Since the person who claimed Mirror from Cardcaptor Sakura dropped their claim, is it okay if I have it? And the person who claimed Vulpix from Pokemon had their account deleted, so can I now have them, too?

I also want to claim Black Hayate from Fullmetal Alchemist. I don't think the little guy has been claimed yet.

And... I can't think of a fourth one, so I'll stop there for now.

::wonders if failed transmutations from FMA count as critters::
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Hidden Power Within. o.O it&#39;s readable..

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I would like to claim KYO SOHMA (in cat form) and MOMIJI SOHMA (in bunny form) from Fruits Basket if neither is taken, and 1 MOOGLE (the one that walks back and forth in the First District) from Kingdom Hearts.
ryan sias

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ohh,, does Snarf from thundercats count? if not him howz about jigglypuff?

I draw some anime - influenced critters in my web comic.. www.silentkimbly.com

that big guys name is tenderness!!


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Hiya guys! I was wondering,would I be able to claim Takkun {Mamimi's kitty} from FLCL, and Amy Rose and Tikal from Sonic? Please let me know! If it's ok I'd also like to claim Maromi from Paranoia Agent.
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